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I keep getting notifications for new messages, but nothing new pops up when I check. I hope I’m not missing out on questions. :/

Hair is too long to spike anymore :( dark.

Hair is too long to spike anymore :( dark.

Sketches a day number 10!

I was just watching Peter Mohrbacher’s google hangout thing where he talks to other illustrators, and one of the guys mentions Adam Paquette.
So he talks about how he once asked Adam “How do I get out of this niche market of painting zombies, it’s all I ever get asked to do” and Adam was straight up like “Well what do you like about zombies?” because through that you can find other things you’re interested in. And this guy is full on just raving on about how intensely wise Adam is and how this answer blew his mind and it’s just

It’s just so amazing that Adam is SO WISE that he blows away minds of professionals and amateurs like me. He’s just such a friendly dude and so wise haha. He flicked through my sketchbook and gave me advice, and even offered that if I ever wanted to, just message him one day for a coffee and he’ll help critique my work. Like, this is the first time I’ve ever met him.